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Shipping Rates Continue to Increase Amid COVID-19

Fedex follows UPS’ path to increase rates during COVID-19.  It seems the challenges they are facing around packages that they are unable to deliver and require multiple attempts or a return are one of the driving costs to this expense.  Factor that in with a large spike in volume as all of us increase our use of online shipping providers it seems a perfect storm is occurring for the carriers.  This peak surcharge of $0.30/package for domestic packages to $30 for oversized domestic packages further highlights how complicated it is to calculate the accurate rate.  Now more than ever it is critical to have technology that puts the user in the driver seat, seeing the up to date estimated rate by delivery date, allowing them to make the most informed decision!

Take a look at all of the rate surcharges (including the new peak surcharge) that are in the FedEx price book.  

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