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  • Do I need a Credit Card for the free trial?
    To sign up for our free trial all we need is your first and last name and email address. Your credit card is not required. To pay for a shipment at checkout you will be prompted to pay by credit card, through a secure stripe transaction.
  • How do you get such great discounts (up to 60%) on shipping?
    We partner with the carriers to secure discounts off of retail rates. Our technology makes it easier on them, so they pass along savings to us which we in-turn pass along to our customers! A win/win for all.
  • Do I need a scale to weigh my package?
    With ShipMagic, unlike other platforms, you don't need a scale. Simply use our magic comparison tool to estimated weight of your box by comparing it to common household items. Once you feel you have estimated it close enough, just hit yes to proceed!
  • How do I track my shipment?
    Upon checkout we will email you an order confirmation along with your carrier's label. Inside of that order confirmation you will see your tracking number. Just click the tracking number to get real time updates on where your package is. If you remember your tracking number you can always just type it into any search enging which will find the right carrier and link to track your package!
  • Can I ship Internationally
    Today International shipping is available within our Enterprise subscription model. To learn more about how to access that level of membership contact us at
  • Do you have an app?
    We are in the final stages of publishing our app for both the iPhone and Android devices. It will be available for the 2021 Holiday Shipping Season!
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