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ShipMagic is Great for Corporations


ShipMagic was created to take the guesswork out of determining which carrier offered the best price and delivery options for getting your package shipped. 


  • Employee benefit, ShipMagic is another item to attract and retain talent with this great perk

  • All employees across your large enterprise have access at work or at home

  • Flexibility, empower your employees to make the best decisions when shipping, maximizing your great negotiated rates. 

  • Efficiency, getting it done quickly so you can back to business with quick label print stations onsite

  • No trip to ship, keeping employees safe and productive by having the carrier come pick up your package

  • Savings, shop your great rates against other providers


  • Consolidation of invoices, never pay another carrier invoice with low to no administration workload

  • Self-service capability, reduces impact on your mailroom operation

What People Are Saying

Ellen M.
Tampa, FL

“I saved money AND the carriers came right to my door!”

Duane M.
Wesley Chapel, FL

"Our employees ship and save with ShipMagic!"

Raj R.
Chicago, IL

"Not every client is a one size fits all and ShipMagic let's me customize to fit my budget and timing needs."

Steven K.
Bethesda, MD

"Really enjoying the savings! Your rates today have been unbeatable!"

Kelly L.
Tampa, FL

"5 Stars!
Literally the best invention ever!!!"

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