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Seasons of ShipMagic - Enterprise Customer Holiday Program

It’s shipping season! Our enterprise customers are eligible for Seasons of ShipMagic Holiday Program.

ShipMagic shines bright during the holiday season. This time of year, so many of our customers employees will ship. With our ShipMagic enterprise membership, all of their employees have access to the carriers you trust (UPS, FedEx and USPS) at up to 60% off.

Whether teams are back in the office, fully remote, or in a hybrid model our customers employees can access the platform and ship from anywhere! They can even avoid the drain on productivity that the shipping errand creates, by using our convenient pickup from home rates.

With our Seasons of ShipMagic Holiday Program, our customers will take full advantage of ShipMagic and be rewarded to do so! The program is free to all of our enterprise customer!

Want to learn more about our enterprise license - contact us.

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