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ShipMagic reimagines shipping to deliver the fastest and safest way to ship your packages

When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck we understood that it would forever impact how we work. It prompted us to build products that would directly address existing work-related activities such as shipping packages that were time consuming, expensive, cumbersome and high-touch. Typical perks, like free coffee, no longer work in our new normal world. Our workforce looks for things that make working for your company interesting and special. With that background, we are delighted to announce the availability of ShipMagic - your no trip to ship platform.

ShipMagic is delivered as a benefit. It provides an affordable, safe, and convenient way for your workforce to ship packages using UPS, FedEx and USPS from the comfort of their home or office. With ShipMagic, your employees, students and community members will enjoy:

  • Deep discounts on retail shipping rates (up to 75% savings compared to retail rates).

  • The convenience of shipping from their home or office in a completely contactless way.

  • The ability to choose which carrier (UPS, FedEx or USPS) and shipment options work best for them.

  • A dramatic reduction in the time it takes to ship a package (less than five minutes)

As a benefit, your company or school will know that your employees and students are safe, happy and no longer wasting time away from work to ship personal or business packages. Your mailroom is also a great benefactor with ShipMagic because of the following:

  • Allows proper social distancing for employees and mailroom staff

  • Reduces risk of "bad actors" by eliminating visibility to account numbers

  • Eliminates need to collect checks or cash for shipments

  • Reduces un-allocated shipping fees

  • Provides better visibility into overall spend

Click here to schedule your personalized demo today.

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