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New Version of ShipMagic Released

We are constantly improving ShipMagic to make it more enjoyable to use and help reduce shipping costs for your employees and students. We are excited to share with you our most recent improvements and updates.

On 07/19/20 we delivered:

  • Mobile and desktop solution to get the best shipping rates and options from FedEx, UPS and USPS enabling employees and students to ship at significantly lower rates than commercial rates.

  • Pickup Service – for a small fee, you can have your package picked up at your home, hotel, dorm, or other specified location.

  • Enabled customers to use the ShipMagic carrier discounts or use those offered from their own carrier contracts.

On 08/04/20 we delivered:

  • Improved Customer Support – Chat or email interface to directly engage with customer support if you have questions or want to report a problem.

  • Customer Support will keep you up to date with email updates as we resolve potential issues or questions

  • Various bug fixes and other issues were also resolved.

On 08/31/20 we delivered:

  • Significant new savings available on your FedEx and UPS shipments.

  • Ability to send multiple packages without logging in again while retaining the previous address details to speed up your interaction when sending from same address or location. Your address details can be overridden.

  • Detailed Customer Transaction Reports are available for our Account Administrators and can be emailed on request.

  • Various bug fixes and other issues were also resolved.

We will continue to make ShipMagic the best, "No Trip To Ship," platform for our customers.

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