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Tips for getting the most out of shipping your package

We know that shipping a package can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor for you. When it’s all said and done you want to know that you chose the best carrier and got the best price for getting your package delivered within your desired timeframe. With that in mind we wanted to provide you some insider tips to make sure you’re making the right decision for you.

Don’t Pay Retail - Rates at retail shipping stores can be marked up more than 80% over what is available using negotiated rates. Many providers have technology that embeds volume-based discounts that can be passed along their customers. Simply put, software like ShipMagic uses deeply discounted shipping rates and passes those savings onto you.

Don’t Lock Yourself into One Carrier - Selecting just UPS, FedEx or the USPS limits your delivery and rate options. With more choices you are much more likely to select a less expensive rate that delivers the same service.

Use Your Smallest Box - Carriers charge you based on the size of your package NOT just the weight. With that in mind always try to pack the item you are shipping in the smallest box that will keep your item safe. In addition, smaller boxes allow the item to move around less in transit, reducing the risk of damage to its contents.

Avoid Early Morning Carrier Rates - Did you know FedEx and UPS have 3 overnight rate options? One of those choices are the FedEx First Overnight and UPS Next Day Air Early service. With these rates your package arrives at 8:00 AM and are 80% more expensive than the standard overnight service. Avoid these rates unless you absolutely need something to arrive at 8:00 AM! Also, keep in mind that in many cases the business might not be open at that time and the carrier will have to retry later in the day.

Save Time and Stay Safe by Having the Carrier Come to You - With certain software tools, such as ShipMagic, you can now automatically schedule the carrier to pick up the package from your home. If you want a totally contactless experience simply add the location at your home such as front door, side door or wherever the carrier can pick up your package.

Make Sure to Keep Your Tracking Number - Automated software tools email you the tracking information making it easy to retrieve your prior shipping tracking details just in case you need to track your package.

Don’t Forget About the USPS - Today the USPS provides excellent tracking details with up to 11 scanned trackable events along with no-fee pickups right from your home. This means you get the same type of tracking details as UPS and FedEx, but typically pay much less. While only a few services are guaranteed to arrive by a certain day or time, the options they provide are typically the most cost effective and, in most cases, arrive well within the delivery estimate.

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