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No More Free Coffee - Trends In Employee Perks

Have we seen the end of on-campus/office perks in favor of remote work perks?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to take its toll, employers are shifting from campus based perks to those that favor the new work from home norm. Historical valuable perks such as free coffee, discounted food, dry cleaning pickup services, and other perks are things an employee may no longer get to experience. This significantly devalues on-campus/office perks and has shifted the perk/benefit landscape.

As on-campus perks transition away, new perks are being launched with companies like Google recently announcing a $1,000 stipend to help employees jump start their work from home. Other benefits like annual vacation packages of up to $1,000/year are also being explored and added at many organizations.

These perks provide significant brand/employee engagement and help companies retain talent, but in most cases far exceed budgets that most companies can afford.

Enter, ShipMagic, a new benefit enabling employees to ship from home at dramatically reduced rates compared to the retail cost of UPS, FedEx and the USPS. This benefit costs less than what you would spend in coffee and any organization (small or large) can easily add it to their arsenal. With ShipMagic, all employees can now ship from home and save up to 75% on their shipments compared to retail shipping rates. This benefit aligns with the new work from home environment while keeping your employees safe with a “no trip to ship” option that offers unrivaled convenience and affordability.

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