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Fill their heart with love this Valentine's Day, send a care package!

Show your loved ones how much you care and that you're thinking about them by sending them something sweet or something hand-made. This is especially true as we continue to adhere to social distancing as the pandemic continues to limit our mobility. Here are some fun gift ideas to spark your creativity:

  • A decorated jar of handwritten notes that speak to your favorite memories with that person and why you love them

  • A photo frame with a picture of you and your loved one

  • A basket filled with their favorite candy and snacks

  • Lottery scratch cards in a decorative tin

  • A candy bar note, write out why you love them and include their favorite chocolate and candy. I heard your {Snickers} from across the room and I fell to {Reese's Pieces}.

Once you've got your gift together make sure to send it using ShipMagic!

ShipMagic offers low-cost, safe and hassle-free shipping from the comfort of your home, you can choose which carrier (UPS, FedEx or the USPS) has the best price and option for you. For those wanting to stay safe and socially distanced, you can even opt to have the carrier come to your home for pickup for those wanting to stay socially distanced.

If you'd like to have this as a benefit from your company just send us a message.

Ready to send your Valentine's Day gift?

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