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Check out the latest improvements to your ShipMagic user experience!

In our latest release we rolled out a new feature where current members can invite friends and family to enjoy the savings, convenience and safety of shipping with ShipMagic.

Invite friends and family here.

That and other updates are reflected below.

On 2/5/21 we delivered these minor updates and fixes:

  • When selecting to look up a drop-off location from a specific rate and carrier, the user can move select the appropriate location and move on to complete the transaction.

  • Dropoff location search returning options near Ship-From location.

  • Change Dropoff Handling with updated messages.

  • Use the largest package dimension as the length to ensure optimum dimension calculation before rates request.

  • Change label on ‘Reference’ field to ‘Cost Center/Package Notes (optional)’.

  • Enhance Address Validation prior to rates request to avoid situation where we don’t get rates because of an invalid address.

  • Enhanced Retry logic in Label Request if we have issues getting labels from carrier after timeout or carrier system issues.

We will continue to make ShipMagic the best, "No Trip To Ship," platform for our customers.

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