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Avoid the long lines, stay safe and save money with ShipMagic

Shipping your packages to loved ones this time of year while staying safe is more difficult than ever. The large crowds lining up at the post office and retail shipping stores during the Holidays could be classified as a super-spreader event. This article reflects just how dire it has gotten as COVID-19 clashes with the sending packages during the Holidays.

The good news is that ShipMagic allows you to skip the long lines and enjoy deeply discounted shipping for your Holiday packages.

Save Time and Stay Safe by Having the Carrier Come to You - With ShipMagic, you can schedule the carrier (UPS, FedEx or the USPS) to pick up your package from your home or other convenient location. If you want a totally contactless experience simply add the location such as front door, side door or wherever the carrier can pick up your package.

Don’t Pay Retail - Rates at retail shipping stores can be marked up as much as 80% over what is available using negotiated rates. Simply put, ShipMagic uses deeply discounted shipping rates and passes those savings to you.

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